Estudio Land Ho! - The Paulovers


The Paulovers en los sofa sessions de LAND HO!

Este sofa session de LAND HO! se produjo en LAND HO! audiovisual solutions por Mareike Nissen e Iván Raymores con el grupo The Paulovers. La canción se llama «Gonna take you with your mother» y es compuesta por Dangerballs, Firewoman y Herr Profesor. Los voces son de: Firewoman y Alex Bukolisch. La guitarra toca: George from the Jungle. El ukulele toca: Dangerballs.

The Paulovers are a Spanish band born in Salamanca in 2009. They combine since classical sketches, blues roots, funny rock and roll, greasy garage, Spanish and Balkan music until traditional Celtic folk from Galicia. Their repertory is composed of own songs in almost five different languages, beside of original covers which are reinvented in a new musical dimension.

Having been playing at many festivals (Mestarock, Fuentelfresno Festival…) and cities around Spain (Madrid, Salamanca, Santiago…) and also Germany (Breminale festival in Bremen and Soulkitchen Halle in Hamburg) since their formation, on the stage Vaudeville and Cabaret influences can be palpated, which interweave a colorful aesthetics and a quasi theatrical show able to take us back in the Chat Noir times.

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